Bénédicte, agricultrice à Biomas

Interview de Bénédicte, agricultrice à Biomas, pour la candidature de la France à OWC 2020.

« Pour être un bon agriculteur Bio, il faut être inspiré… » Bénédicte, organic farmer in France (Brittany – Île de Batz), tells… « So, in my view, to be a good organic farmer, you have to be inspired, to be brave. I think that organic farming is in fact the search for a healthy environment, and the chance to share it with our children and grandchildren. Organic farming is quite varied in its production methods, and in its sales methods, too, I mean, we can stick to local distribution channels, go to the small local markets, and also look at selling through cooperatives that export all over the world. So, I think that everyone has a place in organic farming today. » Interview extracted from the movie « OWC 2020 : Support the candidacy of France » (https://youtu.be/jvF0XU1VlWs) https://www.owc2020-france.bio – From its roots, organic agriculture inspires life : France is candidate to host the Organic World Congress 2020. A proposal submitted by French members of IFOAM and supported by national, regional, and local public authorities. A multi-stakeholder cooperative, with experience of previous IFOAM congresses and a strong presence in European networks. https://www.owc2020-france.bio


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